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If you did kill someone do you feel you should not have been punished?

I wonder if we'd be calling for charges? Saying "Nope, no, I was negligent. Charge me with homicide!"?
Do you really think that statement is any kind of argument against punishment for recklessly negligent acts?

Zambrana got UNlucky...
Nope, Hannah Kelley got unlucky, Zambrana was criminally reckless.

Zambrana had a really, really, really, worst possible kind of bad day that will lead to a really bad life for a good long time.
No again. Hanna Kelley had the worst possible kind of bad day and will have no more. Zambrana had many choices and many chances to NOT kill Hannah Kelley. Hanna had no choices. What leads you to say Zambrana have a bad life for a long time. I don't know the guy. He obviously did not have a high regard for his neighbors safety before the incident, why should I believe that has changed now? Because he said he didn't mean it, feels really bad and is really, really sorry?

How is it "bad luck" to take a fire arm into a closet in a public place, fail to unload it, point it in a direction you don't know is safe, put your finger on the trigger and pull the trigger? You call that "bad luck"? Hanna had bad luck. Zambrana had choices, many of them.

I know I said I was going to drop this but when the perpetrator becomes the victim, I could not stay away.
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