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don't skimp on optics for a weapon you depend on to save your life

Crow Hunter is offering sage advise. You will not go wrong with either Aimpoint or EOTech.

You mention your absolute top $$. You may be better served sticking with iron sights and learning to shoot that way until you can spend the $$ to get a higher quality optic.

I recently purchased a NIB EOTech XPS3-0 for less that your budget. The mount comes with, no additional purchase like Aimpoint. The item was listed on Te X as Gun [email protected] by a reputable company. After my purchase, they promptly listed the item sold and are not offering at that price anymore, but they are offering at a price that is only a few $$ more than your budget.

Don't make a purchase decision for a duty weapon based on how cool the optic looks. If the weapon is just a plinker and you want to look good shooting it at the range, then by all means do that. Be Honest with Yourself about your needs.

I consider home defense to require duty grade. YMMV.

Good luck and God Bless.
-Be Free
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