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I reload for my Desert Eagle XIX in .44 magnum. I load:

200 grain GDHP with 27.5 grains W296
270 grain GDSP WITH 21.5 grains W296
300 grain Nosler with 14.8 grains Alliant 2400
240 grain Nosler JHP with 19.3 grains of Alliant 2400

I've not have any cycling problems with these. There is not much spread high to low for W296 and these are the high end. For the Alliant 2400 there is more spread and these are toward the low end. I've had no problems with either of these powders in cycling the DE. My pistol is only a couple years old, is the basic 6" barrel and has perhaps 1500 rounds through it in .44 magnum and .357 magnum. Sevens might have a good point.

Good luck and keep us DE users posted on how it goes.

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