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A good thread idea

I've wanted to reply to this thread since it was new but I kept forgetting to do it. Well here I am finally.

Here are my German ladies, with leather removed.

First a P38 CYQ e block, with a FKX 4 P38 softshell holster. Also present is a JVD spare magazine from WWII.

Mauser HSc 3rd type/variation E/135 accepted with Neuner WaA938 holster and spare mag.

Sauer 38H 4th type/varation (slide legend dropped) Eagle/C police pistol in an "Otto Sindel Berlin 1943" holster and spare mag.

Mauser 1914 SN 288380 Weimar era Police Pistol with front strap marking "P.D.Br 176." which refers to Polizeidirektion Bremen weapon number 176. Holster is unmarked and has spare mag.

Last but not least, my DWM Dutch Contract Luger. DWM got this contract before WWI and started producing these in the 1912-1914 time frame. DWM ended production for the Dutch in 1914 so that they could produce more for their own army after less than 5,000 were produced. This one was an army vartiation, with the grip safety as ordered by the Dutch. Has origininal nickel body wood bottom unmarked mag and a very rare Dutch made luger holster with cleaning rod. One may wonder how these got into the US when we never fought the Dutch? Good question. The Imperial Japanese invaded the Dutch East Indies in 1942 and captured them. They were after the natural resources of the area for their war effort. The Royal Dutch East Indies Army (KNIL) still was issued these same lugers which DWM made for the Dutch before WWI. This gun was first a Japanese war prize (look in second photo, kanji markings are present on the inside of the holster flap) but was later an American war prize. A very special package.

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