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I use to want an Aimpoint M2/M4 but could not justify paying the $$$ for one. Then came along the Aimpoint PRO and I was liking the price. While I was waiting for my accesories funds to go up. I picked up a Vortex Strikefire. It's accurate enough to 100 - not MOA and I did not even try the magnifier that came with it. I also have the Sig CP1 Prismatic scope. It seems like a nice scope but the reticle is busy and small. You can barely make it out without illuminating it in red or green.

All of the scopes I mentioned can do the job of what they were intended for, but I wanted more.

So now I am looking waiting to get the Nikon M223 in 1-4X with Point Blank Reticle. You can use it like a red dot at 1x and maybe even 2x and turn up the magnification to shoot past 100 yards. My buddy owns one on top of his RRA and it was so nice and clear. It's almost like cheating.
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