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Need some help identifying 4 different WWI WWII era European holsters

So I have these 4 holsters and I'm wondering what exactly they are. Only the upper left holster is marked as pictured. The other 3 are not. The bottom two holsters I got with Mauser 1914 pistols, but I know that the holster could be for another gun potentially since holsters were mix in matched by GIs at that time.

The upper left holster fits a 1911 / Hi power / Radom VIS size pistol without difficulty. The upper right holster is thin at the barrel muzzle end, but I found out that it fits my Astra 600/43 quite well. The bottom two fit Mauser 1934 pistols comfortably. The holster on bottom left looks very much like an WaA938 Neuner holster that came with a Mauser HSc I bought, however the example on bottom left is approx 1 in longer. The stitching and construction are very similar.

Any help is appreciated.

Holster, upper right:

Holster, bottom left:

Holster, bottom right:

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