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Remove steel bolt from aluminium

I have a Miroku / Browning ML/BL22. It is a used rifle which hasn't been treated very well by the former owner so there is some rust. I have used 000 and some wd40 to clean the rust pitting. I rube for a few minutes and as soon as the steel wool is crushed and compacted I wipe down the rifle and take a new piece of steel wool.
Now to my problem, the srew in the barrelband is really tight. I can't get it to losen. I don't wan't to be overly aggressive so I have now bought some freeze spray (-40°C/-40°F). Does anybody have any experience with this method? I don't think that using a propane torch is an option for this really small screw and fear that the damage to the aluminium is imminent.

Thank you for your help.

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