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Well, experience used to mean something you can count on.You almost have to like reading more than reloading. I suppose this is why I have eleven load manuals and have never blown up a gun. In my early days of reloading, I would sleep eat breath bullets and loads and the articles.

Most would call it confusing to have six different books open to load ammo, with all the conflicting data and stuff, but I call it interesting. The devil is in the details and you can usually see why they load differently if you stare at it long enough.

I did have a close call which caused me to rethink my loading practices. We had bought my FIL a Ruger Redhawk 44 Mag and he wanted some of my bear loads that I load for my Redhawk. No problem, borrow his gun and run some through it and everything is fine, right?

Since these are the good powerful loads, he sits on them instead of shooting them. Then he and his family move to Florida and take the ammo with him. I get the phone call that he had very sticky ejection with them and had to tap them out with a 2X4. I had developed that load at Colorado altitude and mild temps and he took them to the florida heat to shoot them. The gun was ok but this was very eye opening for me. Even with the utmost care and consideration in the construction of the load, Murphy almost bit us in the you know what because of the unforseen factor of location, and temperature/pressure relationship. That wasn't in my manual...

Good thing we bought him a Ruger and not a Taurus eh?
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