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Don't get the wrong impression, I do reload. I always gravitated towards odd,foreign calibers because people want to sell or trade them cheap. Getting ammunition for said guns can be difficult if not impossible. BUT... You learn fast when dealing with people. Always ask if they reload first. My pump doesn't always lock up completely. Oh, did I forget to mention I started reloading and only neck size.// I bought this gun and it won't feed right. Oh, I thought I told you I used reloads.// My lever action is "Sticky" when you go to extract a fired round. Off course I use reloads, I thought I told you that./////It goes on and on. The worst offenders are the reloaders. No matter what is wrong with a gun, the answer is "Oh, you need to start reloading, that will fix it". I totally agree with the part that more reading should be done. More in the manuals and less in magazines.
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