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Believe it or not, you were wrong. IllinoisCoyoteHunter is actually correct, from quite a number of reports I've seen and from my own recent experiments with ultrasonic cleaned vs. polished cases. It won't matter one way or the other to handgun accuracy, but rifle shooters, especially long-range rifle shooters, have found muzzle velocity variation is higher using polished cases. The current theory is that polishing allows neck brass to flow out over its contact area with the bullet jacket to get a higher friction hold on it. This is the akin to plastic wrap sticking best to smooth glass or polished surfaces better than it does to a matte surface. The problem is that the consistency of that added grip depends on uniform, contamination-free surfaces. Scratches in the neck or on the bullet, irregular dust presence, neck lube, or fingerprints on bullets, all can affect it, so uniformity of the resulting greater hold on the bullet tends to be poor.
Actually I was agreeing with him however my humor writing is flawed.

In my youth when young men actually waxed cars because they assumed it ran better,is something similiar to cleaning brass. Having said that I will still clean rifle brass as I like it that way and my groups are satisfactory to me.
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