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Threedogdad said:
OK, gentlemen, I haven't visited this thread in a while, but am wondering now where we stand. Both of my local stores ALWAYS have .327 ammo in supply, but as best I can tell there still aren't many handguns offered in the caliber. Correct me if I'm wrong...Ruger offers three models in .327, Smith & Wesson offers one, but both Charter and Taurus have canceled their previous offerings. A couple of high-end custom makers have added .327 offerings to their menus, but that's about it.Is anyone aware of any upcoming releases?

IIRC, S&W effectively has two--if you count ported and non ported/different barrel lengths of the 632 as different model--I "sorta" do (and favor the idea of the non-ported). Also Freedom Arms, but maybe that belongs in your custom or semi-custom column. Ditto a limited edition USFA Single Action .32-20/.327 convertible two Christmasses ago, and I think another of their current specialty (new design) SA models.

I've been looking at the 101 as well--if ever a gun and cartridge truly seemed to be designed for one another. Sorry to hear about some fit and finish issues. A friend has one that seems fine in that department. Probably my imagination, but I thought I saw a post (somewhere) suggesting Taurus was only temporarily suspending in prep for a re-intro in longer barrel, etc, but I have no verification (whatsoever) of that.
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