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I'll share a couple of " It was what I had at the time" sort of events.

1. Antelope hunting, prairie dogs, 7MM Mag, hot loaded 140 gr. Ballistic Tips, bad for prairie dogs.

2. .22 Hornet, white-tail doe, 50 yards, shot her in white patch as she looked at me, dropped her, but on cleaning VERY under-impressed with the damage done, I think if I had run up to her and cut her throat she would have soon gotten back up and run away to die later.

3. Again .22 Hornet, squirrels, kills them but messy, takes a head completely off without knocking them out of tree, weird.

4. 7MM Mag, hot loaded ballistic tip again, coyote at about 30 yards. Dropped instantly, when I picked it up its off side leg stayed on ground. Tough on the pelt.
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