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OK, gentlemen, I haven't visited this thread in a while, but am wondering now where we stand. Both of my local stores ALWAYS have .327 ammo in supply, but as best I can tell there still aren't many handguns offered in the caliber.

Correct me if I'm wrong...Ruger offers three models in .327, Smith & Wesson offers one, but both Charter and Taurus have canceled their previous offerings. A couple of high-end custom makers have added .327 offerings to their menus, but that's about it.

Is anyone aware of any upcoming releases?

I really like the versatility of the .327 and have been toying with the idea of another SP-101 in this caliber, but the last three examples I've held were so rough and poorly finished that I've been holding off. Gritty, heavy triggers, lots of machine marks, blah. What's happening in Prescott these days?
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