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If you noticed in my list of improvements, I listed having someone else relocating the targets for each run. That would really be a help.

I also mentioned the No Shoot and Threat Level symbols. As was mentioned, having no shoot targets that you confront as a great training tool. Bad plan to engage every target you encounter.

The Captain has a very good points with the mirror.

I was in LE for 17 years, 15 as a Reserve Deputy, and 2 as Police Chief after I retired from my day job. My real job the last 20 years before I retired was a Construction Project Manager. I would meet with the customer and find out the requirements of the project. Do the research, and design the project, then oversee construction. We were heavily involved with meeting customer requirements from start to finish.

I have designed several shoot houses. In the design they were made into a nightmare to clear on purpose. A bathroom door opening against a bathtub allowing someone to stand in the tub behind the door. A wall at the end of the Tub hiding the toilet, and creating a blind spot. Swinging book case under stairs. Hidden doors, trap doors to move around under a house. Stairs, closets with an opening back to back to move between rooms, etc. The design plan was to have as many blind spots as possible to make the training hard. Then have camera equipment everywhere for aftergame review. And then we have simunitions to really add to the realism.

Then you have other things to consider like a custom breaching window that you do not destroy with your gear going through it time after time doing an entry. Plexiglass windows so flashbangs do not break the glass. Exterior breaching doors for Ram practice. The list of requirements goes on and on. Non-Skid floors, Light fixtures with HD Globes so that they hold up to flashbangs and simunitions. Custom fabricated furniture and props that will hold up to the training.

Where I was going with this is, you can only cover so many things on a beer budget. Our Club's Shoot House which most Police Departments would consider State of the Art, is the Beer Budget as compaired to the facilities I designed for Advanced Law Enforcement Training.

The best beer budget way to handle stairs etc would be using a house or building with no loaded weapons, or possibly Air Soft handguns.

As was explained to me several years ago. Training is what you make of it. You only get out of it, what you put into it.

Looks like lots of good observations so far.


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