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What kind of glass should i put on an ar15 carbine, I have 500 dollars, not a penny more. If i had the money, i'd go with an acog or an eotech w/ a magnifier, but i don't. I'm looking for something with either 3x or 4x magnification, 'tactical', wide range of view, and preferably illuminated reticle. I was thinking a burris ar-332. Is that a decent option? anyone with experience on it? also, when I get it, I dont want to be able to see the front sight in the lower half of my field of view. can i put the scope mount on a riser, and raise it up past the front sight post?
What are you planning on using it for (target type and range to targets)?

Why do you feel you need magnification?

You won't be able to raise it above the FSB and still make it usable without adding a cheek piece and then having to deal with the increased height over bore and all that compensation.

If you have a powerful enough magnification on the optic, the focal point will be beyond the front sight base and you will only see a vague shadow if that. It is up beyond 6X in my experience though. Some people can deal with it, I can except during midday direct sunlight.

In my experience, magnification is a hinderance rather than a help on a "fighting" carbine or something that you are trying to use in a "fast moving" scenario. Target shooting/hunting small things at a distance it is useful.

Define your use before you buy an optic that might not suit your purposes.

FWIW I don't use magnification on my AR that I use for "home defense" and coyote shooting.
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