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"I cringe when I see some of the questions posted here that have been covered countless times, you know when you read them they haven't done there home work "

Ditto. What bothers me is that many of the questions plain dumb; "I want to get 1/4" groups with 70 gr. bullets for my Remchester .223 with a Tasco 8-32x scope in Tally rings and Weaver mounts with a Walmart sling for deer hunting in SW Mexico, what size primers and powder should I buy? " Or are obviously unanswerable; "I'm loading 35.7 Gr. of H-4831 SC with 168 Gr. SMK bullets in WW cases, Fed 210 primers, in my mod. 94 .30-30 with an 18" barrel; what is my muzzle velocity and how high would I have to hold to kill deer at 450 yards?" Etc. I mean those guys aren't thinking, they just have random static discharges going off between their ears and suppose that's thinking but want the rest of us to answer such pointless questions.
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