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I wonder what punishment each of us would deserve if our "stupid thing" had killed someone rather than, by sheer luck, having got away with it?

Because we have each done something negligent that could have killed someone if we'd won the "bad luck lottery".

I wonder if we'd be calling for charges? Saying "Nope, no, I was negligent. Charge me with homicide!"?

Did Zambrana do a really stupid thing? Yep. He sure did.

When I was in my teens and early 20s, I participated in MANY illegal street races. I drove 50-70 mph on downtown city streets. I specifically remember one time going almost 90 in a 45. I once passed an unmarked car on the highway going 120+. Almost killed my best friend in an accident. (Yeah, it was even an accident caused by negligence!)

I could have EASILY killed someone. I got LUCKY and didn't.

Zambrana got UNlucky and did.

He didn't do it on purpose any more than I would have.

He has and will suffer enough. He didn't push a drunk homeless guy into a canal and watch him drown, which is what a guy who applied for a job with me had done. HE got Criminally Negligent Homicide, and deserved it.

Zambrana had a really, really, really, worst possible kind of bad day that will lead to a really bad life for a good long time.

Leave the poor man alone.
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