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Room Clearing

I decided to get in a little range time yesterday. I gathered up 6 IDPA Silhouettes and some Target Pasters and went to the South Range. I thought I would run some drills, but had not decided what I wanted to do at first. I got to thinking that House Clearing Drills would not be a bad way to spend the afternoon. I set up 2 targets in the Kitchen area of the Shoot House. I placed 2 in the First BedRoom, skipped the second BedRoom, and placed the last 2 at the back of the house down a hall, and around a corner. All targets were set in a manner where you needed to Pie the corner to pick them up.

Running the Drill with my LCR 22:
I started off with 8 rounds loaded. Handgun holstered in a Lobo Enhanced Pancake holster worn at 4 O'Clock.
The handgun was covered by a long tail shirt worn unbuttoned as a Jack Shirt.
I carried 2 reloads. Tuff Products Model 1022 Quick Strips loaded with 7 rounds each in pairs OO-OO-OO-O. Note: leaving a shell out between pairs is required for cylinder clearance. The Model 1022 works very well for a practice Quick Strip Reload. It would be even better if it would hold an 8th round.
The Quick Strips were carried on the belt infront of the holster in a Tuff Products Quick Strip Carrier.

I would enter the shoot house through the front door. I simulated descovery of a problem after entry. I would at this point draw, and start my house clearing drill. Moving to the right the first bad guy would come into view as you were pieing the divider wall seperating the Livingroom and Kitchen. I engaged this target with 2 rounds. Continueing to pie this wall the second bad guy would come into view. It was also engaged with 2 rounds.

Moving through a door way going to the back of the house I would pie this door way to the Left. No Targets.

Through the door way into the wide hallway I would move left to gain some standoff distance from the first bedroom door I started to pie it. Again a target would come into view, and I engaged it with 2 rounds. Continueing to pie the doorway the second target came into view. I engaged it with 2 rounds. At this point the LCR 22 was dry. I took cover in the room I had just cleared and performed a 7 round reload using the Quick Strip. With the reload completed I dropped the Orange Quick Strip on the floor and moved on down the hallway.

At the end of the hallway I would pie the corner into a second hallway and proceed down it. At the end of this hallway I would again pie the corner to the Left where 2 additional targets came into view one at a time. I engeged both with 2 rounds center chest. I then went back and placed 2 head to one target, and one head shot to the other running the LCR 22 empty again.

I at this time I performed a second reload, and then pied on around the corner completing the exercise.

I ran this drill numerous times.

The second gun ran was a Model 66 S&W 2-1/2".
The holster employed was a Lobo Enhanced Pancake worn at 4 O'Clock.
I carried 2 spare reloads in Safariland Comp II Speedloaders.

The drill was exactly the same as with the LCR 22, except the 6 shot 66 would run dry after the first target in the first Bedroom requiring a reload in the hallway before completing the room clearing in the Bedroom.

The third gun used in the training drill was a 4" Model 617 S&W 6 shot.
The holster used was a Lobo Enhanced Pancake won at 4 O'Clock.
As this was also a 6 shot revolver the drill was exactly like it was with the S&W Model 66.

I noticed I had a tendency to want to drop the barrel a little when I was in a more open room with no targets visible, instead of staying behind the sights, and focused.

Improvements that could be made would be more targets up. Scatter the targets in more rooms. Paint threat Level symbols (Gun, Knife, Phone, etc) on the targets to identify no shoot, and threat priority of targets. Shoot with friends, so you could have someone besides yourself moving the targets around for each run. Having no idea where the targets were would greatly enhance the training experiance.

Overall a great learning experiance, and I figured out several things that could make it better next time.

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