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however I do hope they get on her about filing a false police report, or at least inaccurate report. Just something to put the light back on her and make her think twice about causing issues where theres no issues. I could see if she had been simply walking to her car and saw him with a gun and called it in as a concerned citizen.
I don't think this is plausible, Ram. She had a right to call the police no matter how ridiculous it is. It is possible that she was talking to them and they were asking her to answer questions as well. I do agree w/you whole-heartedly that they should've at the very least gave her a nice talking to though. She needs to know that was wrong(in a way without telling her she can't call police).

I think the judge will continute it(if not just dismiss it entirely) if the man stands up for his rights which seems to be the case. If it is continued, it should never become a guilty and should disappear in 6mths to a year tops, but he would have to pay the court fees if it isn't dismissed. Either way, this man doesn't want to allow a disorderly conduct conviction to go on his permanent record(especially for something like this & when never having been in trouble before).

Thanx also for the article countzero. I didn't know about that...I only read about the naked man in walmart who resisted arrest and put on some store socks while being in there nude recently.
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