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Let's see here...

A couple years ago I took a running buck from about 75yds with a Chinese AK chambered in .223Rem. 6 pointer weighing just under 160lbs dressed. Neck shot - it flipped over in mid leap and died where it landed. Entry wound the size of a .223 bullet - exit wound the size of my hand.

A couple years before that I took a smaller buck - 4 pointer weighing about 100lbs dressed - with a custom 1911. 5" barrel, 230gr JHP - shot taken at 20yds. Head shot - the deer died where it stood.

Last year one of my neighbors took an 8 point buck with a .38sp revolver - 6.5" barrel. Weighed in at about 140lbs dressed - 15 yd shot he said - one bullet to the vitals and the buck ran 25yds then died.

All of these deer were whitetails.
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