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After working on guns for 40 + years, all I can say is reloading caused way more problems than it ever solved.
Just like everything else.... A mechanic could say cars are always breaking down, a rocket scientist could say rockets are always blowing up, a cop could say the world is full of criminals.....

Reloading, like anything else, is safe unless you are, or act like, an idiot. If not for the idiots, people not paying attention, doing other things while driving, not maintaining their vehicles, etc, would we have car accidents? Very, very few.... Luckily, its tougher to get into reloading than to get a driver licence...

As for saving money, of course you save money by reloading. the number of bullets you shoot X the money you spend = cost. Your cost would be WAY higher if you didn't reload, right? Saying reloading doesnt save money is like saying coupons dont save money. You have a set amount you are GOING to spend on groceries, and by using coupons, you are able to get MORE for the same money, therefore, you SAVED money, yes?
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