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This isn't reloading related, but it has to do with the laziness of the next gen and not wanting to read. At my workplace I bought a software program for turning cad drawings to "G" codes for in cnc's. They wouldn't pay for classes, I slowly figured how to work it by reading the book and using the help function. The other machinist that, fits into the next gen. would not put five minutes of effort into reading or learning, he had to have someone show him(and get paid for it). It cost the company $10,000+ to buy another software program(he claimed the other was no good,thats why he couldn't use it), just so they would send us to school for it.
Yes my bosses(partners) are as dumb as they come, they will believe anything he says(he is a MEGA,MEGA a**ki**er).

When I read some of these questions on these forums , I know exactly what type of person is asking it.
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