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Bullet Type and OAL

I'm a newbe and I just bought 100 each 9mm Remington 124gr FML RN and 124gr JHP as something to get my feet wet. I'm using Ramshot True Blue for powder. My question is OAL, I looked in my Lee guide for 124 gr and all they show is jacked for true blue which has OAL of 1.145. So if setup fort FML RN with OAL of 1.145 and then switch to JHP do I keep the same OAL?

The Lyman pistol and revolver guide has a 125gr JHP with OAL 1.075 so that's .067 difference. From what I have read about 9mm if you reduce the OAL by even a very small about you can really increase the pressure. I have to say I'm confused.
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