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Originally Posted by K_Mac
An excellent question. My real concern is not in the expecting, but the enforcing.
We may all find common ground on expecting the best behavior of each of us in public. You do bring up an interesting question about the concern of enforcing... This is a point we all have (myself included) voiced different opinions on.

While this will be up to the jurisdiction having authority in florida to investigate and to go from there as far as any charges, perhaps maybe we should look at this another way. As a law abiding firearms owner, if this had been your or my daughter, would it make a difference, or help to provide any closure, etc, if charges are not filed, or are filed?

While many here speak of how the person who fired the firearm has to live with this on his mind, so does the young lady's family/friends.

Also, as with others, I too will with hold any further comments unless asked specifically
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