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I am a more than 40 year handloader, in those days we didn't have a source to go to to solve our problem. Of the people that wrote Jack O'Connor, Warren Page,, Hatcher and others I can't remember, if they hadn't written about it you were on your own, you had to figure it out for yourself. I cringe when I see some of the questions posted here that have been covered countless times, you know when you read them they haven't done their home work (I call it due diligence). They want to buy today and load today without having the most basic knowledge of the ABC'S of loading ammunition. I've offered numerious times in my 40 + years to help someone start loading ammunition, their eyes glaze over when I tell them to come back after reading two accepted sources like the ABC'S of reloading or Sierra or Hodgdon reloading manual and they decline. I've seen from locked bolts to blow up rifles, I love my hobbies, I enjoy hunting, fishing, it's hard to beat a good day at the range, all of these things require you put quite a bit of time in the hobby before you become skilled at it!! William

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