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I started with a Lee Loader. This tool will teach you what every step of reloading does and why. But today, most folks are impatient and in a hurry and want to start out making 500 rounds per hour and buy a "kit", with everything in it but the kitchen sink.

I would recommend the two books mentioned above; The ABCs of Reloading and Lyman's 49th Edition Reloading handbook. I have been reloading about 25+ years and often refer to my Lyman Handbook and my copy of The ABCs. I'd suggest you read them and study them and then get a single stage press and dies. Straight case handgun cartridges are easy to load and most are pretty forgiving. Start with "tried and true" loads (my very first reload was 3.2 gr. Bullseye with a generic 158 gr. LSW, CCI primers in .38 Special R-P brass).

Be very careful of any videos on youtube about reloading as anybody can post a video and be an "expert". I've seen some questionable methods on youtube. Get your reloading data from a published reloading manual, not from a website, forum "expert", or gun shop guru. I've read some out of line loads and some downright dangerous loads on line.

Go slow, double check, and enjoy. Reloading your own "custom" ammo for your specific gun is really satisfying...
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