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Some of this Gathering's events included Balloon Drag Races, Last Man Standing, and Technology Executions.
The Balloon Drags.
We had a pack of balloons to use as targets... The wind would every so often take a ballon and carry it off... An idea struck and the next thing we knew we had one fellow dropping two balloons of differing colors and the shooters, from leather, got to see who could hit the little bouncing balloons first. This was big fun...
Last Man Standing. Every man had a 1 litter soda bottle and each bottle represented himself. With all the bottles lined up - we all fired on command. Some bottles went down. Those shooters stepped back. Another volley, another few stepping back... another volley etc... Bubba Dave, whose Randall 1911 .45 had run dry took my Springfield to fire the last couple shots, (Yes - He had eliminated me one round prior) won and was named "The Last Man Standing."
The Technology Executions. Compaq computer monitor, 24 pin dot matrix printer, and some cast iron VCR like they dont make anymore... Guns Up! The riflemen lined up and awaited the command. Upon the utterance of "FIRE!" that Monitor was just BLOWN UP. Printer and VCR soon to follow. When the Rifles ran dry, the .45s took over and when those were quite, the shotguns finished everything off.
After the shots were mere echos, Mejin remembered "Oh Crap! I need Serial numbers off that monitor!" Luckily the serial and the Compaq name plate were the only things left.

This was an even more fun Gathering than the last one... It seems the Fun Factor DOUBLES each time. This being the case - the shoot in April is something you dont want to miss. If you have to - call into work sick - death in the family - You just died... what ever - you cant work that day!

One of the interesting things there was the Target Stands... Cleverly designed to the point of Brilliance! Something I'll let the creator explain.

Kudos to EVERYONE that attended - Generousity and Jovality ruled the day. Can you guys just imagine how fun the NEXT ONE will be?!?!
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