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New SR22 range report

I bought a new sr22 on friday because i've been looking for a new plinker. I bought a p22 almost a year ago and I bought a Beretta Neos in december but something about the sr22 really caught my eye.

Some people have described it as a new and improved p22 and I can't disagree but that's an understatement, the fit and finish on this gun is really top notch.

I ran 350 rounds of mixed, mini mags, federal bulk and remington 550 pack through it and not a single failure. My only prep was took it out of the box wiped the surface oil off of it and put a couple drops of clp on the rails with the slide locked back and then went to town.

I switched to the larger grip and the finger extension on the mags after about 50 rounds and I like the fit much better. The only bad thing I can find is that with the larger grip installed it took just a little more force to seat the mags, I may not have seated the new grip all the way. Wasn't enough of a problem to investigate further. Anyway anyone pondering a new .22 out of the walther beretta and ruger, hands down I'd take the fact I just called the shop and had them put another on hold for me so I can keep one down in florida too!
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