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OK, now I'm curious: Describe same in detail?

My Uberti world has been with Walkers, Remingtons, and Dragoons, and none of them seem bad in any way.

Appreciate the education.


On Colt style revolvers the cylinder pin is the arbor. On Uberti's the hole in the barrel assembly is drilled so deep that the wedge can actually affect cylinder gap. A Pietta is drilled the same depth as the arbor is long so it bottoms out in the hole. Take a Colt and remove the cylinder. Then put the barrel assembly back on sans cylinder. Turn the barrel assembly so the lug is next to the frame and see how far past flush it goes. A Pietta won't go past flush. There are cures for Uberti's such as drilling and tapping the end of the arbor or silver soldering a hump on it or simply dropping a plug in the bottom of the hole. Here's the fit on a Pietta.

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