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Rimfire5, yes, I'm just educated guessing here. I've spoken now to a couple previous owners of the 30-06 BBR. Although neither could tell me about current rounds, both had good luck with 150 boat tails and both had shot Federals before going to hand loading.

While I didn't see the Fusion in 150 with a boat tail, they had one at 165. I would have preferred both weight and shape side-by-side, but it wasn't to be. So I went with a common shape. Hopefully you all won't be telling me I should have tried common weight first, as I already made the purchase :-) But maybe like you I'll find this particular rifle likes the heavier bullets.

Anyway, I am just trying to minimize the number of boxes I need to by before I find the one(s) my rifle likes. If I can get at or under 1 MOA with factory loads then I'll quite pleased. If I can do it with bullets that cost two-thirds the price of another then I'll be even happier.

Thank you everyone for all the input. It is very much appreciated and I'm learning and relearning with every post.

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