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IDPA is fine for a Gun Gaming Course with it's limitations and limiting rules. I carry a gun that holds 15 rounds and have taken 4 "Gun Fighting Courses" in the last 2 years on 360 degree ranges where the guns are loaded all of the time and hot all of the time. Square ranges are fine, but when you move into the real world that IDPA says it does, there are some issues that come to mind, mainly 10 round mag limits and the use of cover. I also shoot IPSC which has many different classes and does not have the restrictions that IDPA has. I have a Life Membership in USPSA and no membership in IDPA. This is my opinion. I prefer to shoot on a 360 degree range with folks that also have a very good foundation in advanced shooting skills. I carry a CCW gun with 15+1 ammo in it. When I shoot IDPA, I cannot load more than 10+1?? This picture was done many years ago because of the Clinton Magazine issues and California. I don't live there and shoot and load all I can carry in my state and in competetion.
All I wanted to do was say thank you to those who volunteer their time and appreciative that I am able to improve my skills.
Didn't realize this training wasn't in the real world or it was so many levels beneath others. Thanks for the update. I feel much better now. LOL

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