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"The same argument will be made about the Cross-bows being legalized, as we start seeing the long bows fading away before long."
Actually the compound bows caused this to happen.

"It,s like shooting any Rifle made today ?" actually shooting a Savage is a lot more tedious and time consuming. You have to let the barrel cool down between shots or your sabot will soften and you get blow by and poor accuracy. much more of a thinking mans game.

Advantages to a smokeless muzzleloader include, cleaner, no smoke to look for your deer through, for those of us with allergies-no stink or nose problems, faster velocities(even thought Blackhorn 209 will get to 2200-that is on the slow side of a good smokeless gun/load)

Smokeless muzzleloaders and barrels are more available then you might think-Savage, SMI, makes aftermarket barrels for H+R and TC encores and there are some private gunsmiths converting/reboring barrels as well as people who make sabotless muzzleloaders in .40,.45 cal. Ie-you shoot the same .45 cal bullet in a tight barrel without the plastic weak link in the 50.

"it most likely has a larger flashhole so the primer can really give the powder a kick"--actually it's not bigger and the vent liner needs to be replaced when the hole gets bigger.
Federal 209 primer is hotter than most and most smokeless powders are not that hard to ignite--some don't operate well in cold weather.

Look here for all the smokeless information you will ever need--

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