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It seems that in this high tec society that so many people of all ages just seen to think that they can get around reading the book.

There was actualy a guy at Cabella's the other night asking if there was a how to reload video that he could watch so he would not have to read the book. I told him the truth. "There are a lot of videos on youtube that are quite helpful. You still need the the book for load information on the caliber, or calibers you are reloading for. The info is in the book, easy to read, and simply worded so that even a dumb janitor like me can understand. I read the basics section, then watched the videos, then I picked equipment, and components. I waited 2 weeks before buying anything."

The guy purchased a Lyman 49th, and that was it. Hopefuly he will have some knowledge of reloading before attemting it.
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