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We got 143 responses to the :What do you shoot" survey. Responses have slowed to a trickle, so I'm compiling results.

As general info, 49er was the most common shooting category with 11% of respondents saying they shot in it, followed closely by Gunfighter at 10% and Frontier Cartridge Duelist at 9%.. And 10% of you didn't identify a category.

Here are the Handgun Headlines:

No surprise, Rugers (cartridge Rugers that is) dominate the category with 51% saying they shoot them.Colt SAA clones were a distant second with 17% shooting them. Colt Cartridge conversions, including 1872 Open Tops, are shot by 6% of you, and 3% identified themselves as Schofield shooters.

For revolver calibers, .38 Spl is the top choice at 38%, followed by .45 Colt at 28%. .44-40 and .44 Spl each had 7% of the total...single digits for all other calibers.

(My assumption here is that if you said .357 Mag, or .44 Mag, you are really shooting Specials, or special equivalents in magnum cases. I don't know any clubs that let full-bore .44 maggie rounds slam up their steel)

For barrel length, I counted Ruger 4 5/8ths barrels and Colt 4 3/4 barrels as 4.75 inches in my data. Here's how brrel length shook out:

5.5-inches and 4.75 inches were virtually tied at 31% and 30% respectively. 7.5-inches had 12%.

Lots of ou have so many toys you couldn't settle on just one..."variou" racked up about 15% of the talley in most categories.

Rifle and shotgun results will come later when I have a few minutes to crunch them
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