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I have two nephews, both of them hate to read. Both want to reload. I pointed to the ABC's of reloading manual and my Sierra manual. I told them if they wanted to reload, they would have to read it.

"Why can't you just show me?"
Because you may learn how to do it, but you won't understand why to do it.

Only one of them (Nephew #1) has read the manuals. Only one of them has ever used my equipment to reload. The other one sees the reloading as a form of blowing things up. (Nephew #2)

When he wanted to load smokeless powder in to his black powder rifle, nephew #1 explained how it was going to hurt him really, really bad. Nephew #2 was disappointed that Nephew #1 would not let him play with Uncle Bucks gun powder.

Nephew #1 has access to my reloading equipment and gun room.
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