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Well, it's a much more intelligent question than "What reloading kit should I buy?"

I learned the basics from the first chapters in a Sierra reloading manual, but most reloading manuals contain the same information presented with slight variations. The Speer manual is also good. So is the Lyman.

I learned the details of how to set up my particular press from the manufacturer's instructions. They happened to be comprehensive. Some manufacturers seem to provide "thin" instructions, shifting the burden of figuring out setup to the purchaser.

I'm still learning the skills after quite a few years, and these shooting forums have been very helpful in providing access to "mentors".

For example, what was happening to me was work hardening of brass, and something called "springback", which meant one die setting wouldn't always resize a .30-06 case to the correct dimension to shoulder. This little detail wasn't obvious to me from either the reloading manual or the press instructions.

So, my advice is to read about the basics, make a decision as to equipment selection based on your needs (not what someone suggests), and then begin. Think about what is happening, and ask questions if something just doesn't seem to be right.

Most of the major press manufacturers have excellent technical support, if you are having trouble with the equipment.

Eventually, you'll be cranking out rounds with a fair amount of confidence.

I've found that patience is a good thing to cultivate...
.30-06 Springfield: 100 yrs + and still going strong
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