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I guess we have a bit more luck here in Oklahoma. For example Midwest City, Oklahoma had three shootings in the past 1 1/2 years that were ruled justifiable. And again one good thing about our Self Defense Act is if your shooting is ruled justified then you can not be sued by the one shot ( if he lives ) nor his family . Not they are not too easy as to let someone one off that shows overkill. As anyone has remembered the Ersland case in Oklahoma City. Now as far as the emotional aspect I will not begin to say I know what that will be like. Seeing I have never been in a shooting and I hope I never am . The only thing I like to kill is paper. But I do hope that if it were to happen that my faith in my Lord will guide through it( not preaching ) . I am sure everyone has their own way to deal with the aftermath . And you will only know what will help you once that time comes.
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