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I agree with Grandpajoe & DonP but go a step further. I believe that if people dont have the attention to detail or the mechanical aptitude to change the oil in a lawn mower, they probably shouldnt get into reloading. The people that are scary are the same ones that dont listen when you advise them on their first handgun purchase and then cant accurately tell you what they bought on recommendation of the counter clerk at the box store. They really have no inclination to gain knowledge or master a hobby/skill. Their problems continue when they fail to take recommendations on buying loading equipment or subtle remarks that they should come by and see how it is done prior to ordering $300 of stuff while missing some important tools.

I have found over the past few years that telling a people to buy The ABCs of Reloading and a new Lyman manual is the easiest way out for me. I offer them the best advice I can in the form of books that will hopefully educate them. Gives me more time for other things.
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