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Having had both a Taylor's import and a Cimarron import in my hands within the last three weeks, both freshly imported, I can say with pretty high confidence that they are the same.

Neither has the stupid markings "Made in Italy, Black Powder Only" on the side of the barrel like so many others do. These markings are hidden under the loading lever area.

Both are beautifully finished.

The Cimarron ones have a roll marking on the top of the BBL with Cimmaron and their address in Texas. The Taylor's ones have no markings on the top of the barrel at all.

The Cimarron ones are not "hand picked at the factory" as they have the unique Cimarron roll markings on the top of the BBL, which is added BEFORE they are blued, so... they are made from the get-go for Cimarron.

There does not seem to be any difference in any of the quality of finish or assembly of either of them.

Personally... I prefer the Taylor's ones as they do not have the Cimarron marking on the barrel top, but both are beauties. I'd be happy with either.


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