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but when you move into the real world that IDPA says it does, there are some issues that come to mind, mainly 10 round mag limits and the use of cover. I also shoot IPSC which has many different classes and does not have the restrictions that IDPA has. I have a Life Membership in USPSA and no membership in IDPA. This is my opinion. I prefer to shoot on a 360 degree range with folks that also have a very good foundation in advanced shooting skills. I carry a CCW gun with 15+1 ammo in it. When I shoot IDPA, I cannot load more than 10+1?? This picture was done many years ago because of the Clinton Magazine issues and California. I don't live there and shoot and load all I can carry in my state and in competetion.
IDPA has kept the discipline from becoming USPSA equipment wise and who can have the biggest, best, most capacity and expensive stuff . Out of the box guns that is case have been manufactured to single stack magazines. As far as unloaded guns goes at a match most ranges do not have 360 degree shooting bays and with new shooters coming into the IDPA regularly do you really want an inexperienced shooter behind you with loaded guns? As far as USPSA ans IDPA its apples and oranges.
IDPA aimed toward CCW and USPSA as track and field with a gun.
They are trying to keep thing equal to a point.
Person A shows up with 1911 single stack 8+1
Person B shows up with 1911 double stack 14+1
Who has the advantage? Just trying to keep things equal
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