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Ask at the LGS or check the local ranges for someone that might be willing to show you. Some of the LGS have a "micro class" and some of the ranges also offer classes. Check the NRA for classes on reloading as well.

I knew a few people that were reloading when I got my start so I could ask a lot of questions. If you've been shooting a while I'll bet you know a few people as well. But now we have youtube, but be careful with some of the videos. Check the videos with a good manual and you should be able to figure it all out.

Also this is a great resource of information. You'll get a lot of answers to each questions. Some are great at explaining the process in several different ways so you're sure to get one that makes sense to you. Lastly there are stickies in the reloading area of this forum that will help you get started.

Welcome to the sickness and good luck!
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