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I would rather conceal carry, but that doesn't mean people shouldn't have the right to open carry. I like the idea of hidingthe gun and it not be seen. I do, however, believe that conceal carry shouldn't require a permit. But it does, so I plan to get one. And with the conceal carry permit, it makes it legal to have a loaded handgun in your vehicle.
Why do people want to take the rights of people away? If people want to open carry, they should open carry. And who are we to judge who is to be allowed? Just because they don't look like a "responsible citizen" means they shouldn't openly carry a .45? I try not to judge people on how they look. For all we know that guy who we think is a "thug" is really just a man trying to protect himself from the same people everyone else. Just because they don't look, in our minds, normal doesn't mean they shouldn't be allowed their rights. If they are actually a criminal, they aren't allowed to have that gun anyways. And if they are a criminal, chances are they won't care.
The arguement of carrying openly so bad people think you are a cop so they won't commit a crime is a little silly. How many cops have been shot? Far too many. Plus, around here I've never seen an officer wearing normal clothes unless they are off duty. And the more hardcore criminals here know who the cops are, this is a somewhat small town and everyone knows who everyone is. If you dont know them, someone you know does. And I don't believe having a gun openly carried is meant to scare criminals away. Thats almost as bad as saying the action on a pump action will scare criminals away. If they want to do something and are committed to doing so, the idea of you having a gun wont stop them from trying. And I also believe it makes you a target for thieves they probably won't try to steal it from you, but what if they follow you home? They know you have at least one gun, and probably more. Druggies who are thieves will do anything to get high. They don't care what is, they will try to sell it. It's uncommon in this area for breakins, but I'm not willing to chance it.
With all of this being said, I believe it's people's right to open carry and conceal carry, I'd just rather conceal.
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