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There's plenty of crazy stories on this thread, but that takes the cake. That sails right past madness into full on howl-at-the-moon raving lunacy.
It sounds worse than it really is.

Take a look at the data:
Bullet Weight (Gr.)	Manufacturer	Powder	Bullet Diam.	C.O.L.	Grs.	Vel. (ft/s)	Pressure	Grs.	Vel. (ft/s)	Pressure
180 GR. SPR MT-SP 	Hodgdon 	H4831 	     .308"     	3.285" 	69.0        2851 	  48,500 CUP 	73.0C 	2966 	     53,200 CUP
Maxed out at only 53k CUP.

It's true...
You can't fit enough in the case for an over-charge.
With IMR 4831, the pressures are a bit higher, but still plenty safe for most rifles.
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