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David Hineline Dogtown Tom is most definatly wrong, he is going to have fun at his next inspection from the
I just had my last inspection on September 6th and had ZERO mistakes so either you are wrong or my last three IOI's and I are wrong.

A firearm receiver never barreled or stocked is an other. One assembled with a shoulder stock would make it a long gun, so a stocked ar type lower definatly is a long gun.
According to my last three IOI's a "rifle" must have a stock and a barrel. Note that the definition of "rifle" in the Gun Control Act of 1968 says:
921 (a)(7) The term "rifle" means a weapon
designed or redesigned, made or remade,
and intended to be fired from the
shoulder and designed or redesigned
and made or remade to use the energy
of an explosive to fire only a single projectile
through a rifled bore for each
single pull of the trigger.
Note that a frame/receiver/lower does not have a rifled bore as they do not have a barrel.

The Mossberg Cruiser is an example pistol gripped factory gun, can become an AOW, the Mossberg Pursueder though the same gun comes with both pistol grip and shoulder fired stock and can not be registered as an AOW.
A Mossberg Persuader that arrives with a pistol grip only is still an Other Firearm....even if the shoulder stock is in the box.

I suggest Tom contacts his IOI and finds out how they want him to correct all his 4473s that he did wrong.
No need, already did that back in 2008 when they added "Other Firearm" to the 4473.
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