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my first IDPA training class

Been shooting most of my life. A lot of skeet, trap.
Owned pistols for 30 years.
Started hunting at age 10, with a 410 hunting pheasant.
I have had a cc for over 10 years.

I got my first opportunity to attend an IDPA intro class.
WOW, what an eye opening experience.
class of 6 with 2 instructors for 4 hours.

I would suggest if you can find one take it.
Even an old dog can learn new tricks.

I very much believe we have rights but I also have thought long and hard about being responsible as well.

We have much more training when learning to drive a car and then practice everyday of our lives thereafter (for most of us).

A public thanks all those who take time to show others how to enjoy our rights and hobbies, better and safer.

Evil cannot be reduced thru Legislation!

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