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We've been retired 6 years now and our sons have not lived at home in over 15 years...that said, over Thanksgiving #2 son was here with his wife for the holidays...the two of them came home late the 2nd night after an evening partying with their old friends in the big city. They'd had a problem with the car we'd loaned them and my son decided to tell me all about it at mid-night.

I'd had two tours in Vietnam back in the 70's, the first in a Special Forces camp down in lll Corps and had always considered myself a light sleeper. I have kept a revolver by the bedside for as long as I can remember; but I didn't hear my son come into the bedroom that night, and through the closed door, too. He made it to the foot of our bed where he stumbled over a chair, and it woke me up. I grabbed my Smith and was turning to engage him when he muttered, "sorry Dad, just wanted to talk with you..."

I about messed my jammies...and he was pretty worked up too. He's a former Marine, knows that we keep loaded handguns by the bed for security, but under the influence of some KY "fruit juice", he and I nearly made a fatal mistake. It was a big eye-opener for us both....

My wife and I now lock the bedroom door each night...figuring that the commotion of trying to get through a locked door will help to awaken us...and I'm back into the hard reality of taking time to remember who's in the house, and advising all guests of the danger of surprising us after hours.

Too, at the time, we were between dogs...our old lab had died some months before, or we'd have had ample warning. Our new lab is really good about announcing visitors, day or night....friends, aliens or family, they all get a bark or two.

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