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I carry a 1911 OWB, sometimes covered with a jacket, sometimes not. I think if it was a Glock or some other hammerless auto, I would get few comments. With the 1911 however, I get barraged with "Um, sir, do you know your gun is cocked?" or from people I know;
"Good jumping Jesus Christ! Why do you have that thing cocked?"
"Uh, because that's the only safe way to carry a 1911 loaded, Chief. It's got two safeties."
"Well why don't you just carry it with the chamber empty?"

This is from people who are around guns constantly. The amount of ignorance is astounding. So I try to educate them... But something about that exposed, cocked hammer gives a lot of people the heeby jeebies...

I approve of open carry but I try to blend in to wherever I am; if open carry is suitable where I am, then that's great. But I'm not going to walk around downtown Nashville OCing. It just wouldn't be a great idea.
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