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I def agree about carrying it on the small of your back for those reasons. I love my G26 but I gave to my wife along with the G19 which is the compact version. I carry the G27 every day off duty which is the same as the G26 but it's chambered in .40. There's a little difference in recoil, but not much in my opinion. It's def manageable and I'm extremely accurate with it. I would suggest sticking with the 9mm until you're a little more experienced with hand guns. 1 reason is that it does have less recoil so you won't be to prone to developing bad habits and 2 it's cheaper to shoot. Once you decide from there being a more confident shooter you could progress to the .40. Or you could just get the G27 .40 and also buy the 9mm conversion barrel for it that way you can shoot both 9mm and the .40 out of the same pistol. Hope this helps. Good luck, and let us know the outcome.
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