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The Glock 26 is a very popular concealment pistol. I have one myself, and carry it every day. It fits the right niche for me in compromising between capacity and concealment.

Please re-think small of the back carry. Among its several disadvantages are the difficulty in drawing without sweeping your lower torso, the possibility of back injuries if you fall on the pistol, and most common of all, having your cover garment ride up without you knowing it.

The G26 is, indeed, remarkably accurate for a gun of its type. Shooting low and to the left usually means the shooter is anticipating the shot and jerking the trigger a little. Check yourself with dry fire practice after you get your own pistol.

Regarding the trigger: The Glock trigger can be good or awful depending on what you compare it to. Someone like me who shot double-action revolvers for years think the Glock trigger is a treat when he first picks it up. If you are used to a 1911 trigger, well, not so much.

Welcome to the forum. I appreciate your enthusiasm. You are doing the right thing by trying out several pistols that interest you before making a final decision.
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