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Glock 26 Review

I went to the range yesterday for the first time (not my first time ever) to compare some handguns I'm interested in buying. Unfortunately out of the 8, the only one my range had was the Glock 26. I didn't have anything to compare it to, which was the main purpose of going to the range, never the less I'm very glad I gave it a shot! I just wanted to share my opinion of the Glock 26. Some of you can chime in.

On my list, the Glock 26 and the Sig P239 are the most comparable. In terms of size. The Glock 26 and the Sig P239 are the only subcompacts I'm interested in. I use subcompact term lightly for the Sig. IMO, I believe it's borderline compact. Though back to the Glock 26. It is the lightest and smallest gun on my list. It's priced around the middle of the other guns I'm looking at.

The Grip: I have read that it either fits you or not. I'd say this gun fit just great in my hands! I forgot to look to see what Gen it was, I believe 3. So unlike the Gen 4 with the changeable grips. The Gen 3 stock grips is what I held. The range gave me one mag. with the pinky ext. I should have taken it off, I wasn't thinking about it. Because in EDC I most likely would keep it off.

The Recoil: Was great for a small gun like that. Expected a bit more, I was surprised. Though the gun I do decide I want, I'd like to try in .40 before I buy. This would probably not be an option. I'm a new shooter, so would not be comfortable until more experience with .40 with the size of the gun.

The Accuracy: I'm a new shooter when it comes to handguns. But from 25 ft. I had great shot placement. Shot a little down and to the left for me. Though I was happy when returning the target.

Concealability: I didn't want to bother the gun shop about a holster and how the Glock would fit on me because they we're busy. Though I did place it in the small of my back with no problem, plenty of room!

The Trigger: I thought it was good, better then my friends S&W VE. That's the only other handgun I have to compare it to. I don't know why people would be worried about Glocks just going off. You've got to give it a good pull! I'd feel very comfortable holstering with one in the chamber.

Hiccups: The gun had one jam. I don't know what it was exactly, my friend said the gun was dirty. The shop said limp wristing. I know I wasn't limp wristing because the gun shot low and to the left for me. So I was shooting higher before the jam. Maybe I was limp wristing, I don't know. I heard Glocks have a problem with limp wristing. But it wasn't Glock problem, I'm sure of that. Some other factor...

Overall: I think after I try the other 7 I'm interested in. The Glock 26 will be one of the last 2 or 3 it boils down to. What a great gun in a great package. I was impressed. Enjoyed shooting despite being a small gun. I was confident when shooting it.

Next time I'll be going to a different range which will have a few others I'm looking at that I can actually compare.

JMO and review, Gulley

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